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A White Tie Affair | Audi R8 V8

BY Joel Tam

This pristine white R8 is immaculate inside and out. Clad with a deep-growling aftermarket exhaust and minor exterior enhancements, this classy unit will turn heads without being over-the-top.

Photos: Joel Tam

A rich growl from the Milltek exhaust system fills the Mandai air as this clean looking R8 approaches behind me. The stance of an R8 never fails to capture my attention, low slung with a large menacing front grill and sinister headlamps, yet not overly designed with huge wings or excessive air-vents - this is the epitome of the 'tame' supercar, if there is such a thing.

The V10 side skirts add more figure to the already shapely body, and the flawless white finish on this car makes it casual yet classy enough for lunch at Jack's Place or dinner at Pete's Place.

A big thank you to the owner of this R8 who has been supporting this website for the longest time, he had his Honda Civic SiR featured on the very first Burnpavement 10 years ago - and he's driving an R8 now. Says something about Burnpavement supporters eh?

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