Singapore's Best Suzuki Swift Sport | Entry Five (5)

BY Joel Tam

I'm not sure we have enough space to list all that this car has! This awesome machine is just over-the-top! Check out Project S's entry now!


• All information and specifications are provided by owners of the respective cars.
• All photos were taken 'as-is'. No extra grooming or touch-ups were done at the time of photography.
• All entries will feature only 12 exclusive photos for your perusal


Port & Polish Cylinder Head (M16A)
Port & Polish Intake Manifold
Okada Projects Plasma Direct (M16A)
NGK Power Cable
HKS Super Fire Race Plugs (M35i)
RRP High Performance Camshaft Set (IN 256 / EX 248)
RRP Light Weight Valve Lifters & RRP Valve Inner Shims Set
RRP Reinforced Valve Springs
RRP Large Capacity Fuel Injectors (360cc)
RRP Super Cool Insulation Gasket
RRP Oil Pan Baffle Plate
RRP Ultra Light Weight Pulley Kit
RRP Racing Water Pump Pulley
RRP Hyper Kevlar A/C Belt
RRP Hyper Kevlar Fan Belt
RRP Magnet Drain Bolt
Orange Electronics Wireless Direct TPMS
Project S Grounding Cables
RRP Super ROM ECU Version 2 High Cam Spec
RRP Big Throttle Kit
Blitz 4.5” C3 Air Cleaner
RRP High Performance Radiator Cap (1.3 Bar)
RRP Middle Temperature Thermostat
Koyorad 36mm Full Aluminum Radiator
Greddy Type LS Oil Cooler
Project S Radiator Hoses
Project S Lower Oil Cooler & Radiator Cooling Plate 
Project S Customized Big Tummy Air Intake
Project S 10mm Throttle Spacer
RRP High Performance Exhaust Manifold (High Rev & High Power Spec)
RRP High Performance Center Pipe (50mm)
Project S Customized Full Titanium Muffler

Exedy Racing Organic Clutch Set
RRP Reinforced Release Bearing Collar
RRP Reinforced Release Shaft
RRP Reinforced 5th High Gear Kit
Monster Sport Flywheel (4.7 Kg)
Monster Sport Cross Gear Set (5.1)
Cusco Type RS 1.5 Way L.S.D.
Project S Push Rod

Project S Light Weight Carbon Bonnet
Project S Light Weight Front Bumper
Project S Light Weight Fenders
Project S Light Weight Rear Diffuser
Project S Adjustable Rear Spoiler
Project S Track Window Visor
Project S Customized Extended Shifter Kit
Project S Customized Shifter Add On
Project S Weighted Shift Knob
Project S Low Clutch Pedal
Project S Driver Floor Plate
Project S Foot Rest
Defi Control Unit II
Defi 60mm Oil Pressure
Defi 60mm Oil Temperature
Defi 60mm Water Temperature
Pivot Shift Lamp
RRP High Performance Damper Kit II (Spring Rate F:10Kg/R:12Kg)
RRP Racing Upper Pillow
RRP Angle-Up Kit II
RRP Reinforced Lower Arm, Bush & RCA Set
RRP Reinforced Rear Upper Bush
RRP CMS Camber Adjuster Bolt
Project S Front Rigid Collars
Project S Front Top Strut Bar
Project S Fender Brace Set
Project S Front ARB
Project S Front Lower 2 Point Chassis Bar Set
Project S Front Lower 3 Point Chassis Brace Set
Project S Room Bar Set
Project S Rear Top Strut Bar
Project S Rear ARB
HD High Performance Teflon Brake Hose
RRP Front Brake Rotors
ACRE Formula 800c Front Brake Pads
ACRE Light Sport Rear Brake Pads
Project S Brake Cylinder Stopper