Classic Cars In Singapore - Do You Know Them? (Part 2)

BY Azfar Hashim

We bring you two more classic cars from - where else - our little island!

Photos: Low Fai Ming


In our first part of 'Classic Cars In Singapore', we featured two historically important American Fords. Today, we feature two British gems instead.

MG Type Y Saloon

The MG "Y" Type was a limited production model that was introduced soon after the second world war.

This 1950 4-seater deviated from MG's traditional offerings of sports vehicles, paving the way into the more family-orientated saloon market. It had an extremely high standard of interior furnishing and finish, in accordance with the best British Traditions.

Find it familiar? It once ferried the leading characters in MediaCorp's productions, such as the period drama "A Song to Remember".

Singer 4AD Roadster

The Singer Roadster was produced by the Singer Motor Company from 1939 to 1955. According to Singer, "The man in the Singer is the man in the know".

This 1951 Roadster features an upgraded 4-speed manual gearbox, a lively 1497cc engine and offers sweet open-top driving pleasure. Less than 3,500 units of these Singer 4AD Roadster were made.

In the F1 races held here, it bore the weight of racing drivers (such as Nico Hulkenberg).