Lamborghini Presents Urus SUV Concept

BY Joel Tam

With an output of around 600 bhp, edgy design and lightweight materials, the Lamborghini Urus will be an inevitable hit when it goes into production.

Lamborghini has designed the Urus to look powerful and athletic, without appearing bulky. At 4.99 metres long, it fits perfectly into the sporty SUV class, but with a height of just 1.66 metres, it is considerably lower than all its competitors. Think of it as the lean, mean machine, the super athlete in the segment. With 600 bhp and permanent all-wheel drive, it sounds like it may just be.

To beat all comparable competitors in CO2 emissions, the Urus will be considerably lighter than them, sticking firmly to the Lamborghini lightweight design philosophy. The steps to achieve this include an intelligent material mix for the structure and body shell and, for the first time, systematic lightweight design in the interior too. The consistent application of innovative carbon fibre technologies is a given.

With strong markets in the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, the Middle East and China. The annual production volume could conceivably be around 3,000 vehicles. 10 times more that the 300 LM002s (their first SUV) Lamborghini built in the model's entire lifetime.