2012 Swift Sport Officially Available For Orders Here

BY Azfar Hashim

With the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class, the new Suzuki Swift Sport is proof of yet another breakthrough achievement by Suzuki.

Photos courtesy of Champion Motors


Suzuki has brought the handling and other attributes of driving performance to greater heights with the new Swift Sport, surpassing its predecessor in terms of handling, power and fuel-efficiency.

The Swift Sport is everything a driver can expect from: Performance-focused looks that evolved into a more aggressive countenance and interior craftsmanship that heightens the enjoyment of sporty driving.

Comparatively, the 2012 Swift Sport has grown in size - it is now 125mm longer, 5mm wider and 10mm taller than its predecessor. Even the wheelbase has been stretched by 50mm. Despite the difference however, the new Swift Sport is 30kg lighter in manual form and 25kg lighter with the CVT.

Drivers can take comfort in the extra support that comes from the driver seat's deep bolsters and side-support pipes. In addition, the red-stitched accents on the leather-wrapped steering wheel and stainless steel pedals give the new Swift Sport an enviable combination of sportiness and refinement that Suzuki believes is crucial to empower drivers to take confident control of their drive.

The new 1.6-litre petrol engine is more powerful and efficient with a newly adopted variable intake valve system. The results are more power and higher torque figures - output is now a lively 134bhp @ 6,900rpm (a 10bhp increase), and 160Nm @ 4,400rpm (12Nm extra). Even CO2 emissions has improved: 153g/km (MT) and 144g/km (CVT), which is an improvement of 15% and 18.6% respectively. In terms of fuel economy, Suzuki rated it at 15.4km/L (MT) and 16.4km/L (CVT) - a 16.7% and 23.3% increase over the previous model.

A newly-developed 6-speed manual transmission allows for better acceleration with a better fuel economy due to a higher top-gear ratio. The CVT 'box offers a wide range of gear ratios, boosting both acceleration and fuel economy. Also, at any point of the drive, the CVT transmission can also switch to the 7-gear manual mode via the steering-mounted paddle-shifters.

Price is set at $114,500 for the manual, and $117,500 for the CVT. Both prices include COE. For more info, contact Champion Motors at 6631-1118.