Capturing The Citroën DS4 | Photo Competition

BY Joel Tam

In our first ever photo competition, we've partnered the Most Beautiful Car of the Year, the Citroën DS4. 3 winners will walk away with a weekend with the DS4, petrol vouchers and more!

You can find information on a car anywhere, but great photography is found only on a select few publications. We're proud and glad to say that you, our readers, constantly appreciate our photography efforts. Thank you. We truly, truly do it for you!

But while Burnpavement.com is renowned, and loved for its photography, we acknowledge that there's a whole lot of great talent out there as well! 

So in our first ever photo competition, we want to honour and reward YOU, the photographer. Whether you're an enthusiast or a professional, we're certain you'll enjoy shooting the subject car for this competition.

Anyone can shoot a supercar, but how many of us can bring out the best in the Most Beautiful Car of the Year?

Launched in 2011, the Citroën DS4 may not be a low-slung supercar, but it grabbed the highly coveted “Most Beautiful Car of the Year” title. Voted by over 60,000 web users in 62 countries, the DS4 also received the “Most Beautiful Interior” title from a jury of personalities from the design, sport, culture and media industries.

Ready to fire away? Click on the link to find out more : http://www.burnpavement.com/photo_comp/