Old Car Meet 2012

BY Joel Tam

With new cars dominating our local roads, classic cars are getting rarer by the day. But there's a group of classic car owners determined to keep the flame alive.

Photos: Joel Tam

They meet every few months - all makes and models are welcome to join the meet-ups. The only criteria is that you've got to have an affection for old cars. Better still if you have some old stories to share. This is one group that revels in the 'good 'ol days'.

So if you've got an old school JDM or Euro model, drop us an email and we'll hook you up. In the meantime, enjoy the photos of their recent meet-up. A small group they may be, but these oldies definitely got the goodies!

Both rear-wheel driven Toyotas, both very different in nature.

This sweet example of an AE86 with classic colour combination takes the cake.

Bride seats are among the few 'modern' add-ons to this classic JDM sideways machine...

...as are these SSR Professor SP1 deep dish wheels.

The Toyota Trueno is without a doubt the most common old school drift weapon of choice. True, no?

One of the few TA22s alive. This is a daily ride and still runs like it came out of the factory yesterday. Well almost.

Flip-and-fill. Older Celicas like this one have a central fuel hole right smack in the middle at the rear. No need to wonder which side the fuel cap is on then. So cool.

Honda's EF Civic was a popular choice among 'bengs' at that time. The EF3 Si in 130 bhp guise was deadly, you could tell them apart by the red rear foglamps and sunroof. Less common were the EF9 SiR 1.6 units that featured early VTEC technology.

BMW E30s were also a common sight in the late 80's and early 90's. Many 316i's, some 320i's and a few 325i's roamed the streets. The 320i's were the most feared though - because they were used by our Traffic Police!

Mazda RX7 FC Convertible. The one and only left. We happen to know who owned the second last one, and featured it in Burnpavement.com many years ago. This one is a true beauty and we're glad to have seen it and met its owner! Thumbs up!

Sweet timeless design. They really don't make them like they used to.

New carbon kevlar bucket seats spice things up in the cabin!

Another favourite of mine. Volk Racing GTC wheels.

Also another one-and-only. This fourth generation S60 Toyota Crown Coupe is a well-rebuilt example. We hope to bring you more of this car in the near future.

Here's a peak of the car sitting pretty behind our favourite Toyota Celica - the Celica sure looks familiar...