Super GT 2010 - Walkabout | Day One

BY Burnpavement

Armed with a camera, we walked the outskirts of the track in search more action!

Photos Joel Tam & Keegan Gan

After arriving safe and sound in our trusty Prelude, we wasted no time and headed straight to the Sepang Circuit paddock area, where we met Team Thunder Asia Racing and their GT300 Mosler. See the photos here!

We also tried to capture a bit of the atmosphere outside the track.

GT4 Asia Cup cars being prepped.

GT3 Asia Lamborghini LP560 in the pit bay.

Scirocco Cup cars. Drivers in this series race cars that are very close to production specced street cars.

Toyota Vios owners, all hope is not lost!

Wheels must look clean and spotless, even though they're gonna get dirty once race commences.

Chameleon coloured Mazda RX-7 FD3S and Nissan GT-R R35 ran a few laps round the circuit.

Our lovely Prelude, a pretty damn good drive at 18 years of age.