Beauty With Brawn | BMW 650i Convertible

BY Joel Tam

In 1976, BMW launched the first 6 Series (E24), which was derived from the 5 Series then. 35 years on, we sample their latest sexy and muscle-packed 650i convertible.

Photos: Joel Tam

BMW decided to try something new with their latest 6 Series and launched the Convertible variant before the Coupé. I'm not entirely sure why this was done because to me, the Convertible is better looking than the Coupé. Had it been done the other way around, I'm sure they would have had takers for the Convertible anyway, easily.

Boasting clean and svelt lines that cut a sleek form, the 6 Series Convertible is not all show and no go. It is powered by the sweet 4.4-litre BMW V8 powerplant packing 407 bhp and 600 NM of torque. This sports car will blast from 0-100 km/h in 5 seconds. That is one quick way to dry your hair, unfortunately you can't have a say in how your hair will be styled.

From the front, this third generation 6 is one seductive ride. The shark-nosed snout is aggressive yet gracefully smooth without any fussy lines or vents. The slim and integrated LED fog lights slot neatly into the front air dam.

The rear view is perhaps the most stunning. The car has a wide and flat stance, with its trapezoid exhaust tips, 19" wheels, the presence it has on the road is rather intimidating. Get used to it though, because with a top speed of 250 km/h, it's likely the view most of us will see of this car.

Interior fit and finish is like most BMWs of this level, leather wrapped panels and taut fittings ensure the cabin is a luxurious yet sporty place to be. Our test car came with a warm Cinnamon Brown Dakota leather interior which matched the champagne-toned exterior very well.

Probably needful to house all the technology available in car, the center console is wide and rather huge, taking up quite a bit of cabin space.

"Contrast stitching", as BMW calls it, works rather well. As a designer, I just love it when colours blend and match cohesively.

Rear view camera is integrated into the rear logo. Other safety tech include Park Distance Control up front and at the back.

Set the car in "Sport" and let the soulful V8 sing. Almost a second faster to the century dash than its lesser sibling (the 640i), the TwinPower Turbo unit found in the flagship simply oozes with torque. A simple mesh of the throttle is enough to turn this cruiser into a bruiser. Slam the gears through the 8-speeder and feel the rush in almost every gear. This car is fast. Period.

Don't want to lose your license? Want to cruise and enjoy the breeze? With Adaptive Drive, you have control over the damping - set the car back to Comfort mode, drop the top and you're set for a relaxing drive around town, with the power to 'GO' anytime.

The 650i is a true blue luxury sports convertible. Large in size but nimble in handling, it's got the pace and the grace that will make you look good whether you're cruising down the boulevard or bruising down your favourite twisty roads.

(See that number plate? That's how much torque this baby's got!)