Super GT Live Updates from Sepang

BY Joel Tam

We head off tomorrow to Sepang Circuit to cover one of the most glamorous and exciting races, the Super GT. We'll bring you same-day updates from qualifying to race-day highlights and results.

Round 4 of the Super GT at Sepang Circuit will literally turn up the heat for the race season, bringing new meaning to the phrase 'getting knocked out', as many drivers pass out from heat stroke or massive fatigue almost every year.

We will be following the first and only foreign (from Singapore) team to participate for a full season in Super GT, Team 365 ThunderAsia, with drivers Melvin Choo and Tim Sugden. While Sepang is a familiar track to them, unsatisfactory results up to this point may be a stigma that will hopefully not affect their performance 'at home'.

Hot race queens, loud GT racecars, big crowds and a burning hot track, we will bring them all to your screen at!