Bell & Ross And Infiniti Introduces Limited Edition Watch

BY Azfar Hashim

Only two units of this exclusive watch will be made available for sale.

The elegant watch has been designed to mark the continued and successful collaboration between Infiniti and Bell & Ross, two marques renowned for exceptional performance, modern luxury, technical perfection, and a unique ownership experience.

Stylish yet subtle cues drawn from the partnership are clearly evident on this exclusive piece. The seconds pointer and eighth digit which sit on a matt black dial, sport a photo-luminescent finish in the same distinct purple colour employed by Infiniti across the globe.

The number ‘eight’ is a symbol of luck in Asia, whilst also resembling the mathematical sign of infinity and the automaker’s badge when rotated on its side.

On top of the eighth digit finish in purple, there will be two units of the Limited Edition Watch in Singapore with serial numbers 8/200 and 88/200. Arrival of the two units is targeted to be in 3rd week of October.