Webber Continues On With Red Bull For 2012 Season

BY Azfar Hashim

Webber calls it a "no-brainer decision" staying on with the team.

Red Bull Racing today announced that Mark Webber’s contract has been extended for another year, meaning the Australian will continue to drive for the team in 2012. He is currently second in the Driver Standing, behind team mate Sebastian Vettel.

Mark Webber, 35, said “I want to continue racing at the top in Formula One so it’s a no-brainer to remain at Red Bull Racing for another year. My motivation to achieve the best results possible both for myself and the team is still very high". Over the past five years, Red Bull and Webber have worked hard on the team's race car design, building a competitive and championship-winning car. "I’m looking forward to putting the car and myself on the limit again each and every race weekend in 2012”, Webber continued.