BMW 1 Series M And M3 GTS Attack The Track

BY Joel Tam

Munich Automobiles invited media and new owners to drive the 1 Series M Coupe round the Pasir Gudang Circuit, with bonus taxi rides in the two tangy M3 GTS track machines!

Photos: Joel Tam & Low Fai Ming

It doesn't get much better than this. A cool overcast afternoon, an empty track, and two of the latest M cars at your disposal. Well, we got to drive one, the newly launched 1 Series M Coupe, while the other, the track-focused M3 GTS was available for a taxi-ride experience. Still, this was motoring nirvana turned up two notches!

A bevy of BMW M cars ready for some track action.

We head out in a full convoy filled with a range of the sexiest M cars around. This M3 Competition with sports exhaust sounds downright menacing.

Group photo before the action starts. The stars of the day are dressed in white and orange.

M Cars lined up and going out for a familiarization lap.

If you see these cars coming in your rear view mirror, move away!

335 bhp of pure awesomeness.

Compact sized BMW 1 Series M Coupe is at home in this tight circuit.

A pair of track-focused M3 GTS' lead the pack.

Pasir Gudang Circuit was filled with a bellowing of M cars exhaust notes!

Our resident self-declared trackie going out for a spin in the 1 Series M.

This car takes no prisoners. Full roll-cage and track-based suspension means you'll be eating regular M3s for breakfast.

Sun kissed M3 GTS the brightest thing on a cloudy day.

Classic M livery on the 1 Series M Coupe looks awesome.

A delicious spread of M cars. Pick one, any one!