Interview - TECHART CEO, Thomas Behringer

BY Joel Tam

Ever wondered what makes a car like the TECHART GT Street so awesome? Here are some clues: Power, style, attention to detail and creativity. Qualities found in the car, and the man behind it.

Photos: Joel Tam

Following our feature on the TECHART GT Street, we catch up with TECHART's founder and CEO, Thomas Behringer and talk to him about the future of Porsche tuning and what cars he owns!

BP: As a kid I grew up fascinated with modified Porsches and TECHART was a name synoymous with it. How did you come up with that name?
Thomas: I always believe in blending power and style, therefore the name itself must be commitment to technology and art. Thus the combination of the two words.

BP: Can you sum up TECHART in five words?
Thomas: Quality. Durability. Premium. Passion. Lifestyle.

BP: TECHART has built many awesome machines over the past years. Which one are you most proud of?
Thomas: I am most proud of the TECHART Magnum. Because when Porsche opened up a new chapter with Cayenne, it was a big move not just for them, but for us as well. To have built a monster SUV like the magnum, is something very special for us.

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BP: TECHART is world renowned. What are your plans to further build this brand around the globe?

Thomas: We are constantly looking for international qualified dealers to serve the demand, especially in Europe and Asia. We have just opened up our own subsidiary in California, USA.

BP: Where is your largest market in the world right now?

Thomas: The largest single market is still Germany, we have the largest market share there, more than any other tuner. Out of Germany, America would be our next long-term big market.

BP: What will be the next big project for TECHART?

Thomas: Porsche is coming up with the new 911 (991 series), so we are preparing for that, along with many new model launches along the way.

BP: It must be very challenging to constantly think of how to make an already great car like a Porsche even better. Yet all this time, TECHART has managed to do it so well. How do you do it?

Thomas: Yes it is. We have a very good team with more than 70 staff. We investigate the market and interact with customers to know where the needs are, so we can push the car above Porsche levels (laughs).

BP: With the future heading towards electric, hydrogen and fuel-cell cars, is TECHART doing any R&D in that area?

Thomas: Yes we are. But as always, we aim to improve the base car we are given. As a tuner, we cannot do too much as it is far too complicated at this moment.

BP: Final question. What car/cars do you own yourself?

Thomas: I have three cars. A TECHART Grand GT based on a Panamera Turbo, a TECHART GT Street RS, and a TECHART Magnum.