BY Joel Tam

For some, having a Porsche 911 Turbo is more than enough. Not for this owner. Merely a base car, his 911 Turbo has been transformed into a super car-slaying TECHART GT Street.

Photos: Joel Tam

Porsche did a wonderful job with the 911 Turbo (997). In stock form, it is already an awesome machine with 480 bhp. Power like that will pin you down to your seat at the prod of the throttle. Yet this is clearly not enough for some.

The car you see here, is the result of someone who likes his internal organs rearranged everytime he goes out for a drive. This car in question, has 680 bhp and generates 860 Nm of torque, and will reach 100 km/h from standstill in just 3.2 seconds, and carry on burning pavements till it reaches 345 km/h. The car is none other than the TECHART GT Street.

AutoVox Pte Ltd is the Sole Importer of TECHART for South East Asia.

For this Porsche, life started out as a standard 2008 911 Turbo (997) paired with a Tiptronic transmission, but not for long as it was soon endowed with a TECHART Twin Turbo setup and T35 Stage 3 engine modifications, cooled down by TECHART carbon air intakes and intercoolers. Being mated to the standard all wheel drive drive train of the 911 Turbo has its benefits, this ensures optimum traction for all that extra power it produces.

It's not just the juice that got pumped up though. Just looking at this car will give you the chills with its full TECHART GT Street Aerodynamic kit. The kit includes front and rear bumpers made of Kevlar, which boasts more flexibility than carbon fibre, while retaining strength and giving substantial weight savings. Find it too low? No problem, the TECHART Hydraulic Nose-lift System will ensure the carbon fiber splitter stays in pristine condition.

Extensive work was done to fit the full kit onto the car. Complete with a menu of carbon fibre parts which include front fenders, air-ducts, air intakes (replacing the stock side intakes), front splitter, rear apron and roof spoiler, TECHART GT Street side-skirts and an adjustable wing with carbon struts make this a complete conversion job only best handled by the professionals at AutoVox, TECHART's sole importer for South East Asia.

The interior is not left out. A racy interior design theme is pieced together with GT Street logo stitchings and Rosso red panel trimmings, TECHART Aluminum foot pedals and a TECHART steering wheel in cocoa leather with red stitching. Even the floor mats are adorned with the GT Street logo.

Rosso red instrument cluster outline the otherwise dull looking front dash.

GT Street logo stitched on the centre arm rest.

Nicely matched red seat backs and seat belts.

TECHART illuminated GT Street door sills add detail and complete the conversion process.

Colour-coded carbon fibre side mirrors.

TECHART Valve Exhaust System sounds monstrous at full chat.

No longer a 'mere' 911 Turbo. This is one lean and mean street machine.

Other performance parts in the TECHART power-kit include a pair of TECHART carbon intake pipes, performance sport catalysts, stainless steel exhaust manifold and a GT Street ECU management system.

So it looks awesome and goes like stink. But all that power is nothing without control. So a set of TECHART Vario-Plus coilovers does the job of handling that incredible chassis, while TECHART Formula III Forged 20 inch wheels with 245/30 R20 front and 325/25/R20 rear Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tyres put the grunt down onto the pavement.

Stopping power is left to Brembo GT (Gran Turismo) calipers with six pistons front and four pistons at the rear. They clamp aggressively onto 380 mm slotted rotors.