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VP Racing Fuels

BY Burnpavement

If you want to be a dedicated track day warrior, there is no better fuel than proper racing fuel.

Everyday, we brim our cars with premium fuel, knowing the fact that good fuel delivers great performance. However, most of the usual fuel that we pump is suitable for passenger cars driven on the street, designed to aid fuel economy and ensure that emissions laws are met.

Another problem with typical fuel is that it often faces changes in the chemical properties, often induced during the manufacturing stage. The fuel that you pump today may be different from the one you pumped yesterday, even though if you fill up at the same station. Not to worry, most modern cars come equipped with sensitive engine electronics that detect the changes in the fuel content and adjust the engine to run smoothly.

For demanding drivers who want the best out of their high-performance cars, the only fuel that is designed for racing use will fit the bill. These fuels deliver the best consistency and are the trick to get the most power out of your tuned ride. Like they say, “stuff sold by the gram is always more exciting than stuff sold by the pound.”

If there is only one choice, it has to be VP Racing Fuels, a company that makes race fuel of all types that include racing gas, racing methanol and nitro-methane. The reason why VP offers more than 60 blends of racing fuel today is that there is no such thing as “one fuel suits all”. The VP racing fuels available in Singapore are the unleaded Motorsport 109 and Q16, C16 and VP Import, which are leaded fuels. Like the rapid refuelling containers, these products are meant for race use only.

The MON 109 rated Motorsport 109 is a direct replacement that produces more power than any other unleaded fuel - up to five percent more than premium unleaded. Recommended for applications with turbo charged and naturally aspirated engines with compression ratios up to 15:1, it offers better detonation protection as well.

The Q16 is a highly oxygenated MON 116 fuel that requires a four to six percent increase in fuel flow, which will make three to five percent more power than competitive 116 octane fuels and is excellent in higher compression engines that have 17:1 compression ratios. With its vaporization characteristics, this fuel allows more efficient combustion, lower engine operating temperatures and offer greater detonation protection. It is most suitable for drifting and time attack applications.

The MON 117 C16 is recommended for use in turbo charged or super charged engines and nitrous applications with compression ratios of up to 17:1. Popular with Formula D, D1GP drifters, Time Attack racers, it is also recommended by the top nitrous oxide companies.

VP Import is a MON 120+ fuel that promises maximum power and torque in small displacement, high RPM engines, be it turbo charged, naturally aspirated or fitted with nitrous systems. Makes five percent more power than C16 and similar non-oxygenated fuels. It works best under high temperatures generated by mechanical heat.