The New Eos: Sleek Is In

BY Burnpavement

The new Volkswagen Eos has been launched with a new look.

The new Eos has been given an once-over to bring it intune with Volkswagen's “design DNA” which we have seen appearing on other Volkswagen cars introduced this year. With chrome trims accentuating it's exterior and daytime running LED lights on the front, the view from the rear is enhanced by a redesigned bumper with two-part tail lamps that feature LED lighting.

With cleaner horizontal lines on the outside, the Eos also gets trim updates on the inside. This new car comes with “Matt Chrome” detailing and the seats have been stitched with “cool leather”, a material that promises to heat up less than standard leather.

KESSY, Volkswagen's keyless entry system makes its appearance on the Eos. Other tech toys include a new push-start ignition system and the RNS 510, an integrated touchscreen radio and navigation system with voice control and Bluetooth capabilities. The entertainment system is capable of playing DVDs when the car is stationary and tunes of choice via CDs, an integrated 30 GB hard drive or Secure Digital (SD) cards.

The 2.0 litre TSI engine has been fettled to deliver more power, 210 hp and 280 Nm of torque which is fed through a six-speed DSG dual clutch gearbox. zero to 100 km/h is accomplished in 7.8 seconds and top speed is 236 km/h. Why hurry though? The five-part folding roof with an integrated sunroof takes 25 secounds to open or close , and it can now be operated via remote control — expect to see more jaws drop when the roof does!