Singapore - First In Southeast Asia To Preview BMW Concept M5

BY Joel Tam

Back in April, we released news about the new M5 making an appearance here. Last night, Munich Automobiles, the first M Showroom in the world, previewed the awesome BMW Concept M5 über saloon.

Don't be fooled too much by the 'concept' label, this car is likely to be very close to the final product. Initial media photos gave the impression that the latest M5 was not going to look as aggressive as its predecessor - but seeing it in the flesh is a whole different story. The purposeful front air dams, rear lip spoiler, gargantuan brakes and equally massive 20" wheels finished in gloss black all lend to set this super sedan apart from its lesser siblings.

You can read more about the F10 M5 in our earlier posts below. Or you can do better, go on down to the Munich Automobiles showroom and catch it before it leaves:

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