Goodyear Launches The Assurance Fuel Max

BY Burnpavement

Not only is it designed to reduce fuel consumption, there is plenty of protective perks too.

Goodyear launches its latest Assurance tyre in Malaysia, the Fuel Max with fuel saving technology. They claim that the new tyre is 4% more fuel efficient and lasts 15% longer than conventional tyre technology. Designed for family cars in the mid and premium markets, it targets consumers who are looking for value-for-money, safe and eco-friendly tyres.

The new Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tyre features an advanced full silica compound which reduces the friction between the tyre's rubber molecules and provides higher resistance to abrasion, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and a longer tread life. Additionally, the tyre is built with a hard base under the tread, which reduces deformation in the crown area and heat build-up. The tyre also features even pressure distribution that helps to reduce the rate of wear.

For better protection against flats, Goodyear used DuPont Kevlar, a lightweight material which is stronger than steel to reinforce the new tyre. Designed to be smooth and quiet, the new tyre is also said to deliver better braking and grip on both wet and dry surfaces. Aquaplane resistance comes in the form of four uninterrupted circumferential grooves.

"Taking into account the climate today, Malaysians are becoming a lot savvier about their vehicles and are taking the initiative to find the best option which suits their needs and to save their wallets. Goodyear has used the combination of innovation in tyre technology and safety to come up with our latest tyre, the Assurance Fuel Max, which provides you with maximum fuel efficiency and maximum protection," said Ivy Peng, Sales Director of Goodyear Malaysia.