Spot ‘1000’ to win S$1,000 worth of Shell fuels

BY Burnpavement

Shell is offering its customers a chance to win up to S$100,000 worth of fuel monthly just by spotting numbers on their fuel receipts.

From 1st June 2010 until 31st August 2010, motorists who pump a minimum of S$50 worth of any Shell fuel qualify to participate. If they spot "1000" in the last four digits of their receipt sale number, they will win S$1,000 worth of Shell FuelSave.

Each fuel purchase receipt entitles customers to only one chance and one prize. Customers are required to check their receipt at the point of purchase and present the original receipt immediately to the cashier, who will then issue them the Prize Collection letter. Shell estimates at least 100 winners per month in this promotion. The 13-week promotion is part of Shell's ongoing drive to help motorists "Get the Most Out of Every Drop", giving added value with every pump through Shell FuelSave, which has been formulated to help drivers save up to one litre of fuel with every full tank. Available at all Shell stations island-wide, the breakthrough Shell FuelSave, enhanced with efficiency improvers to keep engine inlet valves clean, seeks to address motorists' demand for greater fuel efficiency and savings at no extra cost.