Italian Sting | Abarth Punto Evo

BY Burnpavement

The scorpion stings again! This baby 'Evo' is Fiat's hotter Punto hatchback. Powered by a 170bhp Multiair 1.4 turbo petrol engine, it has some 'go' to match it's racy looks.

Photo Source: Abarth

At 150bhp, the standard Punto T-Jet while no slouch, is not exactly exhilirating. So Abarth engineers have been working hard to squeeze more power out of the turbocharged 1.4-litre unit. To achieve more power, a new, larger turbocharger from Garrett was slapped on. The result is superb performance with peak torque of 250Nm at 2250rpm, and acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in only 7.9 seconds.

The car also features a new performance mode selection system that modulates engine, braking and steering action to offer a choice of two different driving styles - Sport and Normal – to suit road conditions and driver preference. As in rally cars, the driver is assisted by GSI (Gear Shift Indicator) which acts like an intelligent “co-driver” and provides a signal on the instrument panel to tell you when the right moment has arrived to shift up reducing fuel consumption.

TTC (Torque Transfer Control), a differential locking system that uses the mechanical differential as a reactive element in the transmission to control torque via the braking system and ESP sensors (wheel speed, steering angle, yaw, etc.) is standard on the car. Helpful to control all of that 170bhp available.

If all that isn't enough, a high performance kit is available for the Abarth Punto Evo to boost engine power even further. In keeping with Abarth tradition, the tuning kit will give the new car more power than the basic model, enabling the Multiair 1.4 16v Turbo engine to develop a maximum power of 180bhp.

Disc brakes are fitted to all wheels, with ventilated discs and Brembo double piston, fixed calipers at the front. Suspension is derived from a tried and tested Abarth configuration with the front provided by independent McPherson struts, while rear suspension is semi-independent with a torsion bar. Abarth has also fitted a larger anti-roll bar together with front springs that are 20% harder than those of a standard suspension system.

The side flaps and skirts are colour-coded with the body, with cool side graphics to match, creating a sleeker side profile. We think it works.

New attractive 17" alloys - which to us, has spokes that resemble scorpion pincers - now grace the new Abarth.

The rear of the Abarth features a redesigned bumper incorporating side air outlets. The diffuser, is designed to optimise air flow like the front splitter. The exhaust features larger diameter twin tail pipes, with a unique satin finish.

Interior bits have been completely updated too, the new materials have an appearance and finish inspired by the surface of motor racing circuits, with purpose-designed Jaeger instrumentation featuring larger dials for the speedometer and rev counter, new race-inspired graphics, and a new anti-glare cowling covered in leather with open red and yellow stitching. Nice seats too!