BMW's Concept M5 Unveiled

BY Burnpavement

It may be a concept, but this is as close as you can get to the actual M5 when it goes into production.

Expect to find that muscular aggression look on the new M5 when it hits the showrooms. Aerodynamic aids include "racing-inspired" three large scoops at the bottom of the front bumper and other nifty additions to keep the airflow smooth around the shell.

Unlike the previous M5 which had a V10 heart, the new M5 will have a high-revving V8 engine with M TwinPower Turbo Technology, which sounds similar to the engine found in the X5M. There is no official power output numbers, be we are expecting something in excess of 550 hp.

Goodbye old SMG, this new M5 is said to deliver power to the rear wheels via a seven-speed double-clutch transmission. An auto stop/start system will also find it's way into the new M5 to keep fuel consumption in check.

The concept M5 is based on the current F10 5-Series with a modestly more aggressive look. The suspension has been updated too to handle the extra power from the new V8 engine. Also, we are hoping that those trick-looking black wheels will make their way to the final production.