Burnpavement Live Goes Faster!

BY Burnpavement

Burnpavement.com recently held a movie preview of Faster starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to thank the readers and industry partners for the support shown thus far.

Held on the 29th of March, the movie invite was extended to the early birds who have signed up for the Burnpavement LIVE campaign as well as industry partners who have supported our efforts in building Burnpavement.com as a product that is dedicated in providing a wholesome automotive and community building experience for everyone in the industry.

"When we started Burnpavement.com as a commercial website, we had no idea where this endeavour will take us to. But by God's grace, you guys in the industry have welcomed us with open arms and with the industry's support and blessings, we have managed to take Burnpavement.com to a position where we have envisioned for it to be 10 months ago, and with this, I sincerely thank all of you from the bottom of my heart." said Joel Tam, Managing Editor of Burnpavement.com.

Burnpavement LIVE's movie screening of Faster from Sony Pictures, was held at Cathay Orchard Cineleisure, with the movie preceded by a dinner and lucky draw held at the preview lounge. The prizes sponsored for the lucky draw were from Sonax, Namco Bandai Partners and Ban Leong Technologies Ltd.

Burnpavement LIVE's thriving list of events is steadily taking shape, and one of those would be Burnpavement.com's one year birthday bash in May, so till then stay tuned to Burnpavement.com!