Burnpavement.com Goes Karting At The ABT Cup 2011

BY Burnpavement

Organised by AutoVox, it was all fastest foot first at the second ABT Cup, a friendly elbowing challenge for journalists and other racing enthusiasts to show who's the best.

Go-kart racing is where most of the top names in motor racing begin their racing career. While karting isn't as outrageously fast as other popular motor sports save the super karts, it still delivers the same adrenalin rush when it comes to the corners, demanding drivers to have quick reflexes and the ability to carve the fastest lines through the corners.

There are several elements in go-kart racing that also exist in other forms of motor sports, such as car control and vehicle setup, from tyre pressure to gearing. Fortunately, we were spared the trouble of setting up our team's go-kart and spent more time learning the course in the practice rounds and mastering braking since go-karts only have brakes at the rear.

After 40 minutes of free practice there was a 10 minute qualifying session where each team sent out their fastest driver to earn the best position on the starting grid. The race itself lasted 40 minutes, with each driver having 10 minutes of track time to clock as many laps as possible, and then return to the pits for a driver change.

While others had hardcore drivers that ruthlessly attacked the corners, fighting with each other for the best racing line, we were just as competitive; despite lacking race experience, body size and seven hours of rest the night before.

Though we had a relatively able kart for our practice round, as fate would have it, we were blessed with the kart that had “CVT” for its gearbox. While it delivered a very smooth and unfortunately linear acceleration, we soon found ourselves 'murdered' by others that could put the power down immediately, leaving us to scrimmage for survival in a bid to avoid being last.

Of course, that's only half of the equation. Outside the serious racing mood - where a team received a time penalty for speeding in the pit lane, it was an enjoyable night spent where we wore pink shower caps, chatting with fellow speed lovers over ice-cold drinks, cracking jokes and forging friendships alike. We look forward to 2012's edition of the ABT Cup.