Singapore's Best Mitsubishi Evo | Entry Eight (8)

BY Joel Tam

Can you make Mitsubishi's finest even better? Meet this extensively tuned-up monster. How much power? Well, it's as fear-inducing as the list of modifications.


• All information and specifications are provided by owners of the respective cars.
• All photos were taken 'as-is'. No extra grooming or touch-ups were done at the time of photography.
• All entries will feature only 12 exclusive photos for your perusal.

HKS VCAM Valcon Pro Mivec Camshaft Kit
HKS Forged Piston Kit
HKS H-Beam Conrod
HKS Metal Head Gasket
Carbing oil catch tank with steel braided lines and fittings
HKS GT3240 Full Turbine Kit
HKS GT3240 Special Turbine
HKS GT Racing Wastegate
HKS GT Down Pipe System
HKS Full Stainless Turbine Piping
HKS R-Type Intercooler kit with Full Aluminum 70mm Piping Kit
HKS Racing SQV Kit
HKS F-Con V Pro Advance Engine Management System
HKS F-Con V Pro Unit Version 3.3
HKS F-Con V Pro Harness Set
HKS F-Con V Pro Intake Air Temperature & Pressure Sensor and Harness Set
HKS F-Con V Pro Start/Launch Control Switch
HKS 3 Bar Map Sensor
HKS Oil Cooler Kit
HKS Low Temp Oil Thermostat
ARC Full Aluminum Radiator
Billion Super Solid Coolant Line
Billion Super Racing Coolant
HKS Intank Fuel Pump Kit
Garage R Anti-Fuel Surge System
HKS Fuel Rail Delivery Kit
HKS 1000cc Injectors
Sard Fuel Regulator with Steel Braided Hoses
HKS Super Fire Racing Plugs M45XL (Iridium + Platinum Double Performance)
HKS Racing Suction Kit Reloaded
HKS Legamax Premium Exhaust System
HKS LA Clutch Kit (Twin)
AMS Performance Upper & Lower Shifter Bushing Set

C-West Front Bumper
C-West Side Step
C-West Rear Bumper
C-West Front Carnards
C-West Frp Bonnet
C-West Frp Trunk
Racing Hart Wheels
Yokohama Advan Sports Tyres 275/30/19

Lamda Time
HKS F-Con V Pro Tuning
HKS EVC Boost Controller
HKS Turbo Timer Type 1
HKS Camp 2 (Advance Vehicle Display)
HKS Circle Earth System

HKS Hipermax III Sports (CZ-Edition)
Carbing Front Strut Bar W MCS (Alum)
Carbing Rear Strut Bar (Alum)
Carbing  Front Lower Arm Bar (Steel)
Carbing Center Brace Bar (Steel)
Carbing Underpanel (Alum)