Lexus' First Compact Luxury Hybrid

BY Burnpavement

Promising refinement and driving pleasure, the new CT 200h is geared for the young, highly discerning and environmentally-conscious customers.

The unusual hatchback shape is just one of the bids to reach a younger buyer. Like the current Prius, the CT 200h delivers 134 horses from a 1.8-litre engine with the help from electric motors, and a CVT gearbox. Weighing in at 1,410kg, this hatchback is lighter than any other Lexus, but noticeably heavier than the Prius. The 0-100km/h dash is complete in 10.3 seconds. 


Hitting the Sport mode button boosts electrical power to a maximum 650v, increasing overall power train output. Engine revs are held higher, and throttle and steering settings are modified to give a faster response to driver inputs.

Engaging sport mode changes the backlit dials in EV, Eco and Normal drive modes from blue into racy red. The sporty capabilities is helped with a more rigid under body with spot welding, front/rear suspension member bracing, high-rigidity front floor brace, battery carrier and rear lower support members.

Other than the relentless list of luxury features, the CT 200h also offers customers a wide choice of exterior and interior colors, 10 for the exterior and eight for the interior, for a total of 80 possible colour combinations.

With the compact hybrid battery located as low as possible beneath the load space floor and the adoption of a trailing arm double wishbone configuration, the CT 200h offers a 375-litre luggage capacity. With the rear seats folded flat, this increases boot space to a maximum of 985 litres.

The CT 200h is now on sale, with the deliveries expected in the next two weeks for customers who had pre-ordered.