Farewell Murcielago, Hello Aventador!

BY Burnpavement

The Lamborghini Murcielago replacement, the Aventador was officially unveiled to the world at the Geneva Motor Show 2011.

Following tradition, Lamborghini’s new flagship bears the name of a bull, one that entered battle at the Saragossa Arena, earning the “Trofeo de la Pena La Madronera” for its outstanding courage.

The new bull features a carbon fibre monocoque chassis that only weighs 1,575kg, yet it provides extreme torsional stiffness. Combined with the new twelve-cylinder 6.5 litre V12 engine, producing 700 hp and 690Nm of torque, the super car dashes from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds and maxes out at 350 km/h.

The new Lambo doesn't just have a new body and new engine. Mated to the engine is a brand-new transmission called the "Lamborghini ISR (Independent Shifting Rods)", lighter than a dual-clutch transmission and smaller than a conventional manual, yet it shifts gears in just 50 milliseconds.

Putting all that power down is the four-wheel drive that incorporates a Haldex coupling to shuffle the power to the front or rear wheels. The Drive Select Mode System enables the driver to choose vehicle characteristics (engine, transmission, differential, steering and dynamic control) from three settings: Strada (road), Sport and Corsa (track). Keeping the wheels planted is the F1-inspired pushrod spring and damper, paired to an aluminium double wishbone suspension. And carbon-fibre ceramic brakes will be slowing this car down in a jiffy.

There is a selection of 13 production paint colors to choose from, including three matt tones. The interior is dominated by a next-generation dashboard that displays the instruments on a TFT-LCD screen. A second screen is dedicated to the standard-fit multimedia and navigation system. A choice of two-tone interiors are offered with the “Sportivo” and “Elegante” versions, while a premium audio system and reversing camera are just some of the many options.

The first Lamborghini Aventador will be delivered in the second half of 2011.