16 inch deep dish XXR Wheels with 0 offset!

BY Burnpavement

Yup, you read that correctly, ZERO offset! The Miata is known to be a 'girly' car, so we decided to add more muscle to the car with these wide wheels.

Photos: Joel Tam

Miatas in the states were running these wheels without any issue, so we sourced various websites and found a vendor on ebay that readily shipped these wheels internationally. Taiwan made, these XXR cost us under a grand including shipping.

After they landed, we visited our favourite tyre shop, South East Tyre and had a set of Goodyear RS02s fitted. To get that stretched look, we ran 205 width tyres instead of the recommended 215 on these 8" wide rims. The results? A butch looking little roadster. Now where do I get those fender flares...

Looks like a ball from here. Just the way we pictured it!

Fake 3-piece look a bit cheapo honestly. But when they're spinning, they're dazzling!

Kids love them too!

3.5" lip! That's almost 90mm width of pure stainless steel!

Some rubbing occurs when large humps are taken at speed, so fenders need to be rolled and wide-body flares now in the projek plans.