JK Tyre & Industries Launches The JK Racing Asia Series

BY Burnpavement

The Series will be christened Formula JK Tyre Pacific and will run on JK tyres, making this motor sports endeavour JK Tyre’s biggest in recent times.

JK Tyre, the name synonymous to motorsports, today added another feather to their cap by making the biggest announcement in Indian motorsport in recent times. JK Tyre proudly brings to all the motor sports aficionados the JK Racing Asia Series. Present at the launch announcement were Dr. Raghupati Singhania, Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, JK Tyre & Industries Ltd, Mr. David Sonenscher, CEO, Motorsport Asia Ltd. and Mr. Vicky Chandhok, President, Federation of Motorsport Club of India. The championship JK Racing Asia Series will run under the patronage of the JK Tyre brand and will remain under the management of Motorsport Asia, the biggest motor sports promoter and organiser in Asia.

The races will commence in April this year, the venues being Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia, China, Singapore and India. JK Racing Asia Series will consist of 18 races on six weekends in the 2011 season. On three occasions the JK Racing Asia Series will support Formula One Grand Prix, in Malaysia, Singapore and the newly built circuit in India. The remaining three weekends will be part of the Asian Festival Of Speed in Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia. JK Racing Asia Series will feature an ultra-modern standard specification race car. The Formula JK Tyre Pacific car is made of carbon-fibre Kevlar, which has been proven to be of the highest safety standards. The 140bhp, 1.2litre BMW engine provides a maximum engine speed of 9,250rpm with a top speed of 230km/h. The race car will run on JK tyres. The series is in sync with JK Tyre’s philosophy of identifying and developing young racing talents to become future world champions. The JK Racing Asia Series is for the most talented drivers rather than just the most financially healthy to succeed. It is for this reason that both the car and the training programme have been devised so that little if any advantage can be obtained by extra investment. Viewers in over 100 countries will receive great TV coverage of the JK Racing Asia Series where 185 programmes with 10,850 minutes of coverage are broadcast to a total potential viewership of over 612 million.