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It's A Materia World | Daihatsu Materia

BY Burnpavement

This bippu styled Materia 1.5A might not be a pavement burner, but its cool and funky looks give it the right amount of street-cred to cruise down any boulevard.

Photos: Joel Tam

This funky model by Daihatsu shares the same genes as its Toyota twin brother, the bB. In the local 1.5L variant, the car tops at a maximum of 170 km/h, which is faster than what most people will reach on our local roads. But to talk about power or speed would be to miss the point of this car entirely.

This car is cool, hip and unique. Every owner of a Materia or bB is making a statement. They are saying "We are different, and there's nothing you can do about it!"

While the car can take on almost any style - be it a street-racer look, or a socal-beach bum vibe - our feature car leans towards a more VIP-styled setup with a low custom-kit, lowered suspension and bling 17" wheels. The interior is not over-the-top with just enough glossy panels and a Junction Produce wheel wrap.

As usual, we will let the photos do the talking.