Driving Towards A Low CO2 Singapore

BY Burnpavement

Fear this, hybrids and electric cars... modern diesel technology may have pipped you in being the answer to a greener future.

Photos: Driving Towards A Low CO2 Singapore

On 13 January, the Automotive Committee of the Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (SGC) held an informative exchange session on modern clean diesel technology at the Reflections Show Gallery at Keppel Bay. The session looked at modern-day clean diesel technology as an alternative to reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emission levels on the roads.

The event was aptly titled Driving towards a Low CO2 Singapore and is driven by the Automotive Committee of SGC. The committee includes the five big German car manufacturers (Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Volkswagen), automotive parts and system supplier Bosch, technical services provider TÜV SÜD. Through this informational exchange, the companies hope to educate the public on the benefits of modern-day clean diesel technology and the technological advancements made over the years that have reduced its CO2 emissions and improved its fuel efficiency. The event also aims to dispel the misconception of modern clean diesel vehicles being a noisy and dirty drive but instead showed how modern-day clean diesel vehicles can contribute towards a cleaner and greener Singapore.

At the event, Bosch together with TÜV SÜD went through in detail the advancements made in modern-day clean diesel technologies that have led to improved fuel efficiency in vehicles and lowered carbon emissions. They also presented guests with a comprehensive look at how modern clean diesel technology stood out as a ready, immediate and viable solution for alleviating the current levels of CO2 emissions caused by the transportation sector citing examples from across Europe seeing a reduction in CO2 emissions from the increased number of clean diesel vehicles. As part of the event, participants also had the opportunity to test out various modern clean diesel vehicles from the participating German car brands to obtain a firsthand experience of the refinement in modern-diesel powered vehicles. Shell provided the propellant for this event.

With the Singapore Government committing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 16% below Business-as-Usual (BAU) levels by 2020, the use of modern clean diesel technology, with its reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, in more vehicles could be one way that can help the Singapore Government achieve its target.

So what's stopping us from buying a diesel? Other than the prohibitively high and punitive road tax targeted at private diesel car owners, there's still a perception that diesel cars have high pollution levels and don't perform as well as petrol powered vehicles. However with modern day technology that can be found in the cars featured below, one would have to think otherwise. Here's a selection of nine cars that'll change your mind about diesel cars, complete with horsepower and torque ratings.

Audi A8 L 4.2 TDI quattro: 350bhp, 800Nm

Audi Q7 3.0 TDI quattro: 240bhp, 550Nm

BMW 535d Gran Turismo: 300bhp, 600Nm

BMW X5 xDrive40d: 306bhp, 600Nm

Mercedes-Benz E250 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY Coupe: 204bhp, 500Nm

Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY : 265bhp, 620Nm

Porsche Cayenne Diesel: 240bhp, 550Nm

Volkswagen Golf GTD: 170bhp, 350Nm

Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion: 75bhp, 180Nm