Honda Insight Launch | Time To Go Eco

BY Burnpavement

Kah Motors recently launched Honda's latest hybrid car in the Singapore, the venerable Honda Insight. When the first generation was launched in 1999, it was a 2-seater 3-door hatchback.

Now in it's 5-passenger, 5-door configuration, it looks set to challenge the Prius. The 1.3L engine and electric motor produce a combined 97 horsepower and a hearty 167Nm of torque available in the low rev range. The Insight also features Honda's unique Eco Assist System, which tells the driver how economically the vehicle is being driven.

With this system engaged, it will increase the time the engine remains switched off, operates the air conditioner in recirculation mode and reduces the fan speed. It also adjusts the throttle inputs and CVT transmission and reduces the power and torque output by four percent.

Even though there's only one trim level available, its comes nicely specified with 16-inch alloy wheels, a 160W sound system with USB playback support and vehicle speed-sensitive volume control and of course, climate control and cruise control.

If you're out shopping for a hybrid car, the Insight may just be all you need, inside-out.