Making Roads Safer, One Workshop At A Time

BY Burnpavement

Children are led by example at the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2010 (KLIMS’10).

These days, Malaysians are all too familiar with unsafe road practices. We can see the consequences of such practices daily on our roads and in the news. However, it is important to note that drivers are not the only ones at fault as pedestrians too must ensure that their actions on the roads do not cause unnecessary harm to themselves or others.

Whilst there are increasingly more ‘road safety campaigns’ being developed for Malaysian drivers, Innovate Solutions is out to educate and increase road safety awareness amongst youngsters. Since KLIMS’10 began on 3rd December, thousands of families have been able to actively participate in various informative activities which will be conducted until 12th December 2010. Innovate Solutions (booth 1B10, located at Hall 1) will be providing visiting children with a hands-on demonstration on ideal road safety practices for pedestrians and be given the opportunity to enhance their roadside manners that can prevent them becoming or causing another road-side tragedy.

The company, a recognized official training provider, endeavors to promote good practices and assist in reducing casualties on streets with comprehensive workshops that focus on both drivers and pedestrians. Innovate Solutions is pioneering the way with the implementation of road safety education in Malaysia and various projects in conjunction with government bodies, private and non-governmental organizations.