Goodyear A Step Ahead In Digital And Social Media

BY Burnpavement

The leading tyre manufacturer launches the 'Goodyear Highway Helper' iPhone application and revamps its website.

To stay one step ahead in the digital and social media sphere, Goodyear Malaysia has recently launched the Goodyear Highway Helper iPhone application and has even revamped its website to bring the brand even closer to consumers.

The Goodyear Highway Helper, a free application from Apple iTunes, provides users with quick access to important contact information — such as emergency help, police, tow trucks and taxis. It also contains helpful car maintenance advice, safe driving tips and troubleshooting guides, along with dealer search functions. The Goodyear Highway Helper is equipped with fun, interactive games which can even be played amongst friends. The Goodyear Highway Helper was also created to provide a service that customers can refer to quickly, as and when they require useful automotive support.

In addition to launching the Goodyear Highway Helper, Goodyear Malaysia has also revamped their corporate website. Besides undergoing a face lift, the website now has a 'Request for Quote' function, where individuals can search for the right tyres to fit a particular make or model of car, and get quotes for easier reference. This feature also allows consumers to check and compare prices online and across stores before making a final purchase at a retail store of their choice. To locate a particular dealer, the 'Dealer’s Search' function on Goodyear Malaysia’s website has now been upgraded with Google Maps for ease of reference. Aesthetically, the website has also been revamped to ensure ease of use, with the highlight of it being an iconic wall feature called the 'Carousel', in which users can get an overview of the latest happenings at Goodyear Malaysia, as well as its products, which is easily navigated with just a scroll of the mouse.