New Alpine A110 R Launches in Singapore

BY Sean Loo

Alpine Singapore organised a meet and greet session with BWT Alpine F1 Team drivers, in conjunction with the launch of the new Alpine A110 R.

Alpine Singapore has just unleashed a beast that's rewriting the rules of track-focused performance; the new Alpine A110 R.

Now, it's not every day that you get to witness the birth of a legend. But at this year's Singapore Grand Prix, Alpine Singapore orchestrated an exclusive rendezvous with Estaban Ocon and Jack Doohan from BWT Alpine F1 Team to make it happen.

Now, let's dive into what makes the Alpine A110 R the talk of the town. The moment that sheet comes off, you're greeted by an abundance of carbon fibre components.

Built on a lightweight aluminium chassis, the A110 was already a featherweight contender, but the A110 R takes things to a whole new level. Engineers managed to shed another 34 kilograms, bringing the total weight down to an astonishing 1,082 kilograms.

The bonnet, front splitter, side skirts, roof, rear 'window,' rear diffuser, rear spoiler, and even the 18-inch rims are all crafted from this lightweight material, reminiscent of what you'd find on an F1 race car.

But weight reduction is just part of the story. The A110 R boasts a special aero package that not only reduces weight but also generates an extra 29 kilograms of downforce at top speed. That means when you're tearing through corners at breakneck speeds, this car remains balanced and in control. Plus, drag has been trimmed by 5%, allowing the A110 R to hit a top speed of 285km/h.

Under the hood, it packs the same punch as the Alpine A110S, thanks to a 4-cylinder 1.8-liter turbocharged engine churning out 296 bhp at 6,300 rpm and 340 Nm of torque from just 2,400 rpm. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission.

The result? A blistering century sprint in just 3.9 seconds, making it the first Alpine to crack the four-second barrier.

And let's not forget the handling department. The A110 R sits 10 millimetres lower than the A110 S. Adjustable shock absorbers mean you can drop it another 10 millimetres for that ultimate track experience.

The anti-roll bars have been beefed up by 10% in the front and 15% in the rear, while the suspension springs are 10% stiffer. All these tweaks add up to an even sharper, more stable ride. And if you're the type who wants every detail just right, there's a 20-click ring to fine-tune the shock absorbers for a personalized driving experience.

The A110 R rolls on sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 semi-slick tires wrapped around carbon fibre rims crafted by Duqueine. These rims aren't just about looks; they improve brake cooling in the front and reduce drag at the rear, all while shedding 12.5 kilograms of weight.

Inside, the weight loss program continues. The A110 R swaps out leather for microfiber fabric and trades traditional door handles for red straps. But the pièce de résistance is the carbon fibre race-inspired bucket seats.

Safety? That's covered too with 6-point competition harnesses ensuring optimal support for both driver and passenger. And here's a quirky twist – there's no rear-view mirror. With the rear window replaced by an opaque carbon fibre panel and the cabin sealed off from behind the seats, it's a feature that has no place here.

With the Alpine A110 R, it's clear that every ounce of effort has gone into creating a track weapon with one goal in mind – to dominate the racetrack while still being a certified road warrior.

So, the big question – how much for this adrenaline-pumping masterpiece? The Alpine A110 R comes with a price tag of $528,800, and that's before you add the cost of COE.

It's not for the faint-hearted, but for those who crave the thrill of the track and the open road, it's worth every penny. This is Alpine's magnum opus, and it's here to set hearts racing and records tumbling.

Photo Credits: Sean Loo (@auto.driven)