The New Maserati MCXtrema is a track-only 724bhp weapon

BY Sean Loo

The Maserati MCXtrema gets an upgraded version of the firm's V6 Nettuno engine, as well as a body designed to maximise aerodynamic downforce.

Buckle up, my fellow petrolheads, because Maserati has just pulled the wraps off its MCXtrema, and let me tell you, it's not your run-of-the-mill Maserati. This one's a track-only beast, a true racing thoroughbred birthed from the loins of the already legendary MC20.

So, if you thought Maserati was taking a leisurely stroll in the automotive park, think again. They're here to redefine the game, to disrupt the status quo. Much like that audacious kid, the MC20, which, by the way, marked a fresh dawn for Maserati.

Now, if Maserati is making such bold claims, they better have the goods to back it up, right? Well, feast your eyes on the MCXtrema, and you'll realize they weren't bluffing.

This thing looks so different from its MC20 sibling that you might mistake them for distant cousins at best.

Up front, it's got a meaner, sharper nose – a snout built for devouring straights and corners alike. And the pièce de résistance? That colossal front splitter is ready to serve a platter of downforce to the front axle.

But they didn't stop there; they've got aerodynamic channels on the bonnet that resemble the iconic Maserati trident. Fancy, huh?

Now, let's swing around to the back. Behold, the central fin that bridges to the granddaddy of rear wings. This wing isn't here just for show; it's ready to wrestle with the wind, generate some serious downforce, and make sure the MCXtrema sticks to the track like glue.

And those taillights? You guessed it, they're shaped like the Maserati trident too. It's all about the details, folks.

Slide into the cockpit, and you'll realize this isn't your usual Maserati interior. This is a full-blown racer's den, complete with a racing seat, strapped down with a snug six-point harness, and a roll cage that's FIA-homologated – no shortcuts here.

It's got an adjustable pedal box and steering column. So, even though it's a track star, they've thought about your comfort. Air-conditioning? Yep, it's still there. Because staying cool when you're tearing up the tarmac is a must.

And let's not forget the tech – those screens in the cockpit? They're not just for show. You can adjust their brightness. The labels on the console and steering wheel? They're UV reactive, so you've got perfect visibility no matter how bright or gloomy it gets out there.

Now, let's talk power – what's under the hood is pure automotive magic. The twin-turbo V6 Nettuno engine, yes, the same one from the MC20, has been given a booster shot.

With new injection and ignition mapping, beefier turbochargers, and an upgraded exhaust system, it's pushing out a jaw-dropping 724bhp. That's enough horses to make a racetrack quiver in fear. And peak torque? A tire-scorching 730Nm.

Of course, all that power needs to be tamed, and that's where the motorsport double-wishbone suspension, carbon racing brakes, six-speed sequential racing gearbox, and a mechanical limited-slip differential at the rear come into play. It's a symphony of engineering brilliance.

Now, here's the kicker – only 62 lucky individuals will ever get their hands on an MCXtrema. And guess what? They're all already spoken for.

So, if you didn't get your name on that list, you might just have to admire this racing masterpiece from afar. But hey, who knows what Maserati has up its sleeve next? The automotive world is full of surprises, and that's what makes it so darn exciting.