Pagani Automobili, 25 Years Of Heart, Hands and Passion

BY Sean Loo

One man's dream and ambition gave birth to jaw-dropping moving works of art.

That was the dream Horacio Pagani had when he was little. It was 1992, and on a day that could have been like any other, Horacio Pagani showed Maurizio Ferrari a wasteland. A wasteland, that in years to come, would turn into one of the automotive world’s best bespoke factories.

“I had been in Lamborghini, Chrysler’s American company for a few years already, and the Gulf War had changed everything. The company had seen almost all its orders cancelled and I, like many others, in 1991, was laid off. Horacio tells me about his project, the car he had in mind, the life he wanted to lead. He told me that if the company fired me at the end of the redundancy fund, I could go to him to build the dream together.” says Maurizio Ferrari.

“The builders of supercars were all in crisis. I still don’t know what went through my mind and why I believed him, it all started like this”. But believe he did, and god did he make the right decision.

In 25 years, Pagani has morphed the company into a creative utopia. This space is where communities of people share hands and thoughts, face the great complications of mechanics, handle beauty and find mutual inspiration.

Horacio’s passion, who pursued his dream to turn it into reality, quickly involved his children as well.

Leonardo Pagani, one of Horacio’s sons, mentioned “The people who work for us do it with passion and passion is contagious. Those who enter one of our cars can see it in the attention to detail and experience it every time they drive. Our customers do not buy just a car, but all that palpable set of emotions and affection that each of us has put into doing our part. For this reason, for many customers, a single Pagani is not enough and they come back to buy another one”.

“My brother and I were lucky enough to have been involved in the company right away. I was a child and my afternoons were spent playing and browsing in the workshop which, moreover, was exactly on the floor below my room. For me a world full of fantastic things.” adds Christopher Pagani. Boy, would we have dreamt to be living in his shoes.

The automotive world was rocked by Horacio Pagani at the 1999 Geneva Motor Show, when the Zonda, the iconic hypercar, made its debut among the great manufacturers. It was brash, it was bold, it was beautiful.

Since then, Pagani has applied to his creations the same innovative spirit of Leonardo da Vinci, his main source of inspiration. After the Zonda (and its countless variants), the Huayra was next to ascend the throne, and the first to use active aerodynamics. Today, this torch has now been passed to the Utopia, still running the same 6.0 bi-turbo V12 rocket, made exclusively by Mercedes-AMG, delivering an impressive 864 bhp.

Pagani will be celebrating its anniversary in the centre of Modena, from June 16th through 18th. The festivities would feature 25 hypercars for 25 years, all the models that have made the history of Pagani Automobili. Music from Mario Biondi will be present too, amongst other surprises.

This is one party we wouldn’t want to miss.