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A Perfect 10 | Mitsubishi Evo X

BY Burnpavement

Some cars are just over modified. For cars like the Evo 10, the stock 300bhp is more than enough. Add a little cosmetic touches, and you have (to us) the perfect 10.

Photos: Joel Tam

500bhp, 600bhp, 800bhp, 1000bhp. When will the insatiable quest for power ever end?
The Evo is a car often subject to these augmented power projects, when in the first place, many owners cannot even harness the full potential of the 300bhp powerplant. Drive according to your own limits, not the cars', someone once told me. Wisest words I ever heard.

The owner of this scarlet 10 is a wise man. He has kept the fortune that would have been required to double the power of the car, deciding instead to spend a fraction of it to individualise it visually.

Carbon fibre bits add more 'horsepower' to the car in the looks department.

The handsome looks grow on you. Nothing in that price range offers more aggression and that grown-up 'beng' appeal.

Fat rear-end the least pleasing to look at. But rear fender bulges the easiest way to tell if the car is truly an Evo.

Lovely dual exhausts give more bark to the car aurally and visually.

"Will someone get that car off the track!?" Driver abandons car to answer the call of nature...

Neat and compact engine bay a far cry from Evos of old. Everything is almost 'continental' looking. Almost.

Not-so-new 4B11T Turbo MIVEC powerplant still a first of it's kind.

Set deep in the instrument cowl. The speedo climbs to a 250km/h top speed.

Metallic red in-lip from the 18" Wedsport wheels match well with the car's exterior.

This mature looking red might not be the best colour for the Evo 10, but it sure looks good in pictures.

'Attacking' the apex. You can have a whole lot of fun with 'just' 300bhp. Why the need for more? OK, so maybe 400bhp might be nice.