Miataland Is The World’s Only Mazda Themed Resort Getaway

BY Sean Loo

Take the largest private collection of Mazda’s classic roadster in the world and couple that with a resort, and you get an automotive haven where dreams come true.

Nestled in the little-known region of Umbria, Italy, is Miataland. The name is about as obvious as it gets. Miataland is home to the world's largest private collection of Mazda MX-5. Yes, we don’t know why someone would be so committed to the petite Japanese roadster.

While most car collections are usually museum exhibits and only taken out on special occasions, the generous people who run Miataland actually want you to touch the cars. Hell, they'll even let you take them out for a drive.

Apparently, there are 40 examples of Miatas on the premises, ranging from run-of-the-mill base models to rare and unique variants. All of them are cooped up together in a barn. Talk about a happy family.

It’s not just the happy bois that exist on the property too. The owners also own multiple rotary-engined fares such as RX-7s and an RX-8, plus an imposter Nissan GT-R. It’s unknown if these can be driven, but guests are free to explore them as part of their stay at Miataland.

It’s basically a farm stay with MX-5s as cattle, if you like. Rather than being numbered, rooms are affectionately named after Mazda MX-5 paint colours, such as Velocity Red, Sunburst Yellow, and Mariner Blue.

Car key-inspired room keys open up rooms which are furnished with MX-5 art. They say you will even be bestowed with Miata-themed toiletries. Just pray it’s not used engine oil found in your shampoo bottle. There is a library on the compound, jam-packed with MX-5 memorabilia and books. If your roommate isn't too keen to learn about the articulating mechanisms of the NA Miata’s headlights, they can entertain themselves by the pool, which is surpsingly not Miata shaped.

Best of all, Miataland's rates aren't plain ridiculous. €165 is all you need to get a modest room, and €195 per night gets you the big boy suite.

It's a bed-and-breakfast affair too, so you'll wake to amazing Italian cuisine. If there’s something that Italians can do well, it’s food. After finishing your grub, you can head out in a loaner MX-5, with 60 kilometers of free range given to you each day.

Great car, great country, great food. What’s not to love?

Long live Miataland!

All photos are not ours. Credits go to their original posters.