Ford Is Making A Comeback To Formula 1

BY Sean Loo

In a new partnership with Red Bull Racing, the American giant will be supplying hybrid power units to both Red Bull Racing and Scuderia AlphaTauri teams from 2026 onwards.

New technical regulations will result in future Formula One cars to compete with a new combustion engine, which will be able to run with fully sustainable fuels. For greater efficiency, these engines will be paired with a 469bhp electric motor.

With Formula 1 regulations set to change once again in 2026, owing to more stringent rules and environmental concerns, this leaves a gap for new teams and manufacturers to enter.

Audi has already confirmed their entry for the 2026 season with Sauber, and now Ford has just announced that it will also be returning to the big leagues.

The teams that Ford will be partnering with will be Red Bull. From 2026 onwards, Red Bull’s new in-house engine will have will support from Ford, and these engines will be powering the future Red Bull Racing and Scuderia AlphaTauri teams cars. This partnership is expected to last till at least 2030.

Ford will not just be an engine developer, and will provide technical expertise in all areas to add value to the front runner Red Bull team. This is a major step for Ford too, who has plans to become fully-electric by 2030 in Europe.

This isn’t the first time Ford has entered Formula One. If you didn’t know, Ford is actually the third most successful engine manufacturer in the history of Formula One, sitting behind Mercedes and Ferrari.

In total, Ford achieved 174 grand prix wins, won 10 constructors' titles and 13 drivers' championships. This all started with Lotus and Graham Hill way back in 1968. Other champions who have graced Ford were Jackie Stewart, James Hunt and Mario Andretti. Their final title victory was with Benetton and Michael Schumacher, who won the 1994 drivers' crown.

In 2000, Ford took over Stewart Grand Prix team and renamed it Jaguar Racing. However, this fell through and the team was sold to Red Bull after five seasons. Giancarlo Fisichella racing for Jordan was Ford’s last win, at Brazil’s Interlagos in 2003.