Up Close And Personal With The All-New Toyota Prius

BY Sean Loo

Toyota’s upcoming Prius took the world by storm when it debuted, with journalists around the world praising its futuristic styling.

It’s definitely a weird statement to proclaim, but I can’t wait to have a go in the new Prius once it arrives on our shores. Fortunately, I managed to get a sneak peek at this year’s rendition of the Tokyo Auto Salon.

The Prius shown here isn’t exactly stock, adorning an aftermarket body kit from Modellista which will probably not make it to the actual production model. But, it still gives us good insights as to what the Prius will look like when Toyota decides to roll it out.

The new Prius has a more pronounced teardrop shape, presumably to aid in aerodynamics. Aggressive DRLs give the car a macho front fascia, and Toyota designers have given the rear end some proper stylistic elements. Nothing too brash, nothing too tame as well.

The end result is so good, you can pass it off as a concept car. These sleek looks are a welcome change, ditching the eco-centric try-hard aesthetics it once had. Dare I say, the car actually looks great now.

We do not have word yet on which variant is coming to Singapore, but Toyota plans to market two variants of its new Prius. The two options that will be available are a 1.8-litre which produces 138 hp, and a 2.0-litre variant with 196 hp. Here’s hoping the 2.0-litre one makes it over here.

In a world where beautiful concepts often don’t make the production cut, and what consumers end up with is something truly lacking in the design department, Toyota has shown us once again that masterful designs can end up in the hands of their customers.

Other manufacturers, please take notes.