The GT-R is back! 2024 Nissan GT-R Unveiled With Two Special Editions

BY Sean Loo

The R35 GT-R doesn’t seem to want to retire, and Nissan proudly unveiled their latest 2024 edition to the world at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023.

It’s been 16 years since the Nissan R35 GT-R made its debut back in 2007. Not many cars survive that long of a production run, but the boffins at Nissan surprised the world again with the launch of the 2024 GT-R model year, after revealing earlier in 2022 that the R35 GT-R will be ending production.

Ageing chassis infrastructure did not stop engineers from chucking both mechanical and cosmetic improvements to the GT-R. For starters, the biggest reaction from the crowd at its launch was the inclusion of new daytime running lights (DRLs), making the GT-R’s front fascia look more futuristic.

Whether you love or hate it, it’s here to stay, along with a revised grille design and a new front splitter. A new spoiler and rear bumper design are spotted too, which Nissan claims help with the car’s overall aerodynamics.

Nissan will also make you stand out from the crowd with special edition paints. Buy the Premium Edition T-Spec and you can opt for either Millennium Jade or Midnight Purple. These are two of the GT-R’s most iconic colours. Spring for the NISMO Special Edition, and customers can get a NISMO-exclusive Stealth Grey paint option.

Nothing much has changed under the hood, with the 2024 GT-R churning out 570 bhp and 637 Nm of torque derived from the same handbuilt twin-turbo VR38DETT engine. Like all models before it, power is sent to all four wheels, providing the car with its signature yet deadly launch control.

Nissan launched the 2024 GT-R with two trim options. The demure version with the millennium jade paint is aptly called the Premium Edition T-Spec. It comes standard with a more robust suspension setup and carbon disc brakes for greater performance.

But, what’s more appetising is the new track-focused NISMO Special Edition. The car is decked out from top to bottom in flashy carbon fibre bits, Recaro bucket seats, and crucially more durable mechanical limited-slip differential.

With its NISMO tune, the special edition’s power figures are raised to 600 bhp and 652 Nm of torque.

Excited to get your hands on one? Well, both variants of the new GT-R will go on sale later this year. Prices are unknown at the time of writing.