National Bikers Weekend Singapore Returns After 2-Year Hiatus

BY Vivek Max R

NBWSG is back with a vengeance! Two-wheeler fans are set for a weekend of excitement.

The last time National Bikers Weekend Singapore was held was in 2019. Then came a pandemic-enforced two-year hiatus. Thankfully, NBWSG is back! Here's some highlights of what you can expect from 4th to 6th November 2022 at D'Marquee Downtown East (Begonia Carpark entrance from Pasir Ris Drive 3).

Once in the carpark, follow the marshals' instructions on where to park your bike (or car). The first thing you'd notice is a rather large tentage right outside D'Marquee, hosting some exhibitors, such as Eni, where deals are to be had with their lubricants.

Fancy a new set of rims, suspension and brake and clutch levers? Check out Little Bike, where you can also pick up a Trax helmet of your choosing.

Speedway Motor also has a display area in the outdoor tentage, exhibiting a number of rather tasty bikes awaiting homes with their new owners.

Wanna meet homegrown bike-YouTubersBikeTubers? Look for Tambak Overlanders' booth, where you'll likely get to meet the dynamic duo Farhan Tre' and Zar. They're really friendly and easy-going guys, so don't be shy to walk up, say "Hey bros!", exchange handshakes and take selfies with them!

Farhan (left) and Zar

Farhan (left) and Zar

You'd probably be wondering what two wheels might have to do with four. Well, consider what powers these karts. Yep, small-cc engines, just like bikes. The fastest pro-karts can hit speeds of up to 100km/h, although that's reserved for experienced enthusiast karters. For folks who just wanna have fun, 30km/h karts provide thrills for those without driving licenses, and 50km/h for those with. Talk to the folks at The Karting Arena booth for more information. One of them, Alex, is an avid biker as well.

You might also notice a section of the carpark cordoned off and festooned with witches' hatscones. This is where the Moto Gymkhana competition will take place, so check out how these bikers skillfully lean their bikes (and scooters!) into sharp turns and swiftly navigate the course against the clock. The competition is divvy'd up into men's and women's categories, so check out our biker boys' and gals' motorbike-mettle.

Inside D'Marquee, Repsol's in the house with their world-renown lubricants.

Bikers Avenue has everything you need to look after your bike-baby with Liqui Moly and Muc-Off.

Pirelli's also in the house. Droooool over their delicious selection of sticky tyres for bikes. Diablo Rosso IV anyone?

Just beyond that is Moto World, where a wide selection of riding gear, helmets and accessories from brands such as RS Taichi, Komine, and HJC are up for grabs.

Thinking to have a bike-cam installed on your bike but have yet to take the plunge? LOOKING is offering a 24-month warranty on their bike-cam systems, just for NBWSG. Prices are cash and carry, although you can discuss installation costs at the booth if you'd like it installed by them.

Fancy a set of Öhlins for your bike? Talk to the folks at Race Werks. Also, marvel at the yellow scooter at their stand. Yes, YELLOW.

Have you ever seen a scooter with TWO swing arms, one fore and one aft, and inboard mono-suspension at the front? Check out the Dragster, which Italjet call "The New Urban Superbike." Available in 125cc or 200cc, this looks like nothing I've seen before. Check out those details!

And last but not least is the Mutt. Mutt Motorcycles that is. Their Akita was reviewed last year and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

While you're there, and if you happen to bump into Iain, remember to ask him about bums, boils and bicycles. No, seriously... ask him.