BMW Teases Us with their upcoming 2022 Model Line-up

BY Vivek Max R

Exciting times ahead!

Are you a fan of coupes? In the first quarter of 2022, BMW is set to launch the 2 Series Coupe on our shores. We're certainly looking forward to the hotted-up M240i when it arrives. Keep watching this space.

Need something larger but electric instead?

Look forward to the first i4 to hit our island. Sporting a coupe profile but with 4 doors for added practicality, going green can also look sharp and smart.

Need something more practical for the family?

BMW's got you covered with the 2 Series Active Tourer. Also featuring a plug-in hybrid model, you can be assured of transporting the kinship around while sipping petrol frugally.

Additionally, we can also look forward to other models launching later in 2022, such as the 8 Series and the M8 Competition in both Coupe and Grand Coupe guise.

There'll also be a new 3 Series and X7 to come, as well as an X1, 7 Series and finally, the brand new i7 to round out the year.

2022 looks to be pretty exciting indeed!