Scorpio Electric X1 Unveiled

BY Vivek Max R

Singapore enters the EV bike world with its first homegrown scooter.

Melvin Goh is a Scorpio. Therefore, it is appropriate that his homegrown electric vehicle (EV) company is called Scorpio Electric.

It's even more apropos that the X1 was launched globally at the dusk of of Libra, on 22 October 2021 at 6PM Singapore time, to usher in the dawn of Scorpio in an electrifying way.

Having talked with Melvin previously, it is clear where the CEO of Scorpio Electric is coming from. Electrification looks to be the way forward. Where better to start than with motorcycles, or in this case, an electric scooter.

The Asian market's roads, especially in Southeast Asia, are abundantly alive with two-wheelers. As such, it makes sense to create a premium EV motorbike from and for this marketplace.

The X1 is designed for future generations of lifestyle riders. Incorporating a clean-line design aesthetic, the X1's distinct LED headlight and taillight sets it apart from other two-wheelers on the roads.

With a projected full-battery range of 200km and a top speed of 105km/h, the X1 is designed to conquer city streets on a single charge while looking suave and cool.

More than just an electric bike, the X1 has been specified with a suite of technological features, meant to seamlessly connect with a smartphone app. Keyless operation, remote bike lock/unlock, real-time status information including battery state of charge and estimated range, smart navigation, etc. feature within this technological suite.

And then things are taken to the next level. Through an array of sensors, the X1 utilizes AI-assisted predictive analysis to crunch through live data with the aim of enhancing riding efficiency.

For example, maintenance can be predictively and preemptively done instead of at preset intervals by monitoring how the bike is currently behaving via sensed parameters like increased vibrations.

The X1 will be limited in annual production. Pre-orders are being accepted at USD 9,800 per unit with a deposit of USD 1,000, and can be done via Scorpio Electric's website. The first customer deliveries are targeted around late 2022 - early 2023.