Pagani zooms into Leng Kee...

BY Vivek Max R

... with its new official dealer Eurokars Supersports Pte. Ltd.

Eurokars Group is well known for premium automotive brands in Singapore. Now, Pagani Automobili joins the portfolio that includes McLaren, Porsche and Rolls-Royce sold by the multi-brand car company.

Eurokars Supersports Pte. Ltd. is looking to grow the Pagani brand in Singapore and Southeast Asia while serving existing clients locally and regionally.

In the world of exotic hyper cars, a brand like Pagani is regarded for a level of artisanal quality, performance, and exclusivity and often compared to rarefied competitors such as Bugatti and Koenigsegg.

Although Bugatti can't be registered for road use, the Swedish-made Koenigseggs have been known to transact in the region of SGD 5 million.

“We are proud to partner with Eurokars Group, a well-established leader in the automotive industry who understands our philosophy and shares our brand values. It is pivotal for us to expand the business and strengthen our presence in Southeast Asia, where some of the most discerning car collectors are.

Singapore boasts one of the world’s most stable economies and is an important base for Pagani to meet the needs and desires of our growing ultra-refined clientele in the region. With Eurokars Group’s knowledge and proven track record in Singapore, Indonesia, China and Australia, we are confident that Eurokars Group is well positioned to serve Pagani’s existing and new clients in Southeast Asia,” said Horacio Pagani, Founder and Chief Designer, Pagani Automobili SpA.

“It is an honour to represent Pagani in our area, as part of a plan aimed at solidifying the brand’s position and an important milestone in bringing this exquisite product and exclusive experience closer to its local clientele base as well as in the region. Along with the strong synergy and the commitment to a long-term venture, we look forward in taking the brand to greater heights,” said Karsono Kwee, Executive Chairman, Eurokars Group.

At this time, the Pagani of Singapore Brand Experience and Service Centre will be located at 5 Leng Kee Road, offering a similar feel and experience to the brand's Italian headquarters.

A brand new facility is in the works and expected to be completed by 2022.