BRABUS Launches Singapore Showroom

BY Joel Tam

BRABUS, one of the world's most elite and prestigious automotive tuner companies has opened their doors here on our sunny island, unleashing a range of bespoke luxury tarmac bruisers.

Photos: Joel Tam

First Automobile Premium and AutoVox have launched the first ever BRABUS complete car showroom in Singapore. An exclusive collaboration between the two companies, the showroom will house available cars ranging from the likes of the B25 which is based on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, to the S500.

AutoVox, the long-time brand manager for BRABUS in Singapore will cater to the aftermarket requirements and provide after sales service and warranty coverage at its two facilities - the BRABUS showroom at Changi North and the AutoVox showroom at Tagore Industrial Avenue - both authorized by BRABUS.

First Automobile Premium's focus will be on handling sales of the brand new BRABUS complete cars. The cars will come with 3 years warranty, a big plus considering owners will be getting a 'modified' car. Already three out of the four cars on display were sold, and BRABUS promises that this is merely a taste of things to come. We eagerly await what lies ahead for the BRABUS brand here.