Potenza for Greatness | Bridgestone Potenza Sport released in Singapore

BY Marcus Lim

Loved Bridgestone’s Potenza S007A? They’ve now got a newer and greater flagship performance tyre, the Potenza Sport.

Bridgestone Tyre Singapore x AutoApp SG

Bridgestone Tyre Singapore has just launched the new Potenza Sport, the latest flagship in its range of high-performance Potenza tyres. Bridgestone has introduced it with the tagline ‘Better Never Settles’, hinting at performance enhancements. Indeed, this latest addition promises to be better in various aspects, including high-speed stability and wet cornering.

Bridgestone has established a legacy with its Potenza performance tyre series, thanks to its storied racing heritage. Now, with the new European-developed Potenza Sport, they aim to set a new standard for premium sports tyres.

Succeeding Bridgestone’s flagship Potenza S007A, the Potenza Sport is targeted at discerning drivers of premium sedans, SUVs and coupes. Piloting high-performance cars such as the Audi RS 5, good all-weather grip and stability at high speeds are must-haves for them.

The Potenza Sport features various new and innovative technologies in tread pattern design, compound and construction. For starters, innovative 3D sipes have been applied to the tread pattern. This increases shear stiffness, as well as improves and enhances braking and abrasion resistance. Within the compound, an optimised formula is combined with innovative mixing technology to improve both wet and dry handling performance.

Several prestigious automotive manufacturers have also chosen the Potenza Sport as original equipment for their cars. At launch, the Potenza Sport has already been fitted as original equipment on Maserati’s new MC20 supercar, as well as Lamborghini’s track-ready Huracan STO. Bridgestone indicates that Original Equipment fitment for other car models will soon follow.

The Potenza Sport is now available through the AutoApp concierge tyre e-tailer and all Bridgestone authorised dealers. 59 sizes are available at launch, ranging from 17- to 21-inch fitments.