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Veni, Vidi, Vos

BY Marcus Lim

Just like how an architect might build you the house of your dreams, Vos Automotive Styling provides a bespoke solution to realise your automotive aesthetic visions.

It’s undeniable that customisation is very much a large part of the automotive scene. From multi-million dollar coachbuilt Ferraris to a family sedan with an add-on wing, a customised car not only adds a touch of personality, but also turns heads while on the road.
Since 2017, Vos Automotive Styling has been adding diversity to Singapore’s monochromatic roads with their eye-catching custom builds. Having helped realise visions of everything from acid-green Porsches to purple Maseratis, the team at Vos brings to the table a combined experience of over 10 years in the automotive industry.
Vos Automotive Styling was founded by friends from varied yet complementary backgrounds. Founder Isaiah Chua is a serial entrepreneur, with several ventures both in and out of the automotive industry. The finances and business development aspects of the company are handled by co-founder and Director Jeremy Chua, who possesses an extensive experience in the Fintech industry. Bringing to the table over a decade of experience in the automotive sales and spray painting is cofounder and Director Daryl Giam, who is a veteran in all things automotive related.

The Vos difference

At Vos, customisation doesn’t just entail slapping on a lip kit and applying a different-coloured vinyl wrap. Customers who bring their cars to them can expect a bespoke experience, all the way from concept to execution.

Whether you’re a budding automotive designer with ideas for a custom body kit, or just a regular Joe looking to jazz up your ride, the team at Vos will walk through your vision together, to explore and suggest ideas that match. As an interior designer might suggest different colours, materials, and decorations to create a congruous home layout across different rooms, they aim to provide a similar experience for drivers, ensuring that the finished product turns out perfect, end-to-end.

Perfection isn’t an open-and-shut situation, though. The majority of automotive styling establishments which have exclusive specialisations – either painting or vinyl wrapping – resulting in necessary compromises when making styling decisions.

Vos, however, holds the strong belief that comprehensive automotive styling requires expertise in both paint and vinyl for the best possible result. As such, they're one of very few establishments in Singapore that specialises in both spray painting and vinyl wrapping, ensuring that your vision is executed using the most ideal method.

Guiding you through the styling process is Suri ‘Tsuri’ Tse, an honours graduate in Design Communications from LASALLE College of the Arts who leads the design direction of each of Vos’ creations. Regardless of the size of the task, Tsuri’s creative experience and hands-on approach ensures that every car leaves the doors of Vos perfect.

The Vos product range

Vinyl wrapping and design forms the basis of Vos’ automotive styling strategy. Carrying a range of reputable brands including Hexis, 3M, Avery Dennison, and TeckWrap, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes. No job is too simple for them, with even modest de-chroming and door handle wrapping treated with the utmost attention to detail.

Where vinyl wraps just won’t do, such as on wheels and brake calipers, Vos carries out spray painting works in their in-house spray booth, using quality Spies Hecker paint and HB Body lacquer. Having parts painted in-house ensures that the paintwork is of consistent quality, every time.

For the more adventurous and those with larger budgets, Vos offers custom fabrication of bumpers and other body parts. Fully bespoke bumpers and body kits can be made a reality – the sky’s the limit!

The ever-growing selection of product options at Vos is thanks to Melissa Koh, the in-charge of procurement & marketing, who has a keen eye for identifying the latest trends in the automotive styling market. Whether its colour-shifting paint or environmentally-friendly vinyl wraps, Melissa sources for products and materials from overseas to meet the needs of every customer.

The Vos promise

Vos prides themselves on their attention to detail, offering quality and reliability as their competitive advantage. Hidden costs are a taboo here, with transparent and upfront pricing quoted before any work commences.

Certainly, you might find lower priced alternatives at other establishments, or freelance services that operate from car parks. But with dubious provenance and no avenue for recourse in the event of a botched job, paying a little extra for peace of mind goes a long way.

Preparation, too, is essential to a quality vinyl wrap job. All customer cars are disassembled properly and thoroughly prepared prior to work commencing, to ensure a durable and even application on all surfaces. When we visited the Vos workshop, a Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 5 Series were in the midst of being disassembled in preparation for a wrap. Every single small part imaginable had been removed, from lights to badges to interior trim.

In an ideal situation and climate, quality vinyl wraps such as these could last up to 7 years if well taken care of. However, in Singapore’s hot and humid climate, Vos recommends that vinyl wraps be re-done every 3 years for an optimal finish.

Interested in getting realising your automotive aesthetic visions with Vos Automotive Styling? Give them a ring at 8868 0866, or visit them at 8 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4, #06-32, Singapore 415875.