The different flavours of BMW Luxury

BY Sheldon Trollope

BMW Luxury motoring is defined in 3 different ways as shown by these flagship models.

Depending on your disposition, the idea of a luxury vacation for example, can take different forms. For some, their ideal holiday might be a stay in a 6-star resort in the heart of a mega-city that never sleeps, with hi-speed WiFi and the latest technology to automate their rooms. On the other hand, others would happily pay just as much to be disconnected from the world in a nature-based resort with nothing more than a good book and organic food to “get away from it all”.
Similarly when it comes to driving, BMW offers a line-up of luxury cars to cater to the needs and tastes of a wide range of customers. The BMW 7 Series, BMW 8 Series and BMW X7 each represent the pinnacle of their respective range. While they each offer a vastly different take on the theme of luxury, all three model lines are unified by an uncompromising combination of comfort, refinement, safety and performance in abundance.
Which BMW luxury model is suited for you?

The BMW 7 Series has been the brand’s traditional flagship sedan since 1977. Six generations later, this full-sized luxury sedan continues to set the standard in its segment in many ways. From the outside, THE 7 cuts an assertive stance with a single-piece kidney grille that is 40% larger as compared to its predecessor, while the blue and white BMW badge on its bonnet is also proportionately bigger.

Although THE 7 is a sizable car that gives its occupants ample space to stretch out, it is also very fuel efficient for a luxury sedan. This is mainly possible thanks to its aerodynamic performance. The large kidney grille for example, incorporates active slats that automatically open and close depending on whether engine cooling or aerodynamic efficiency is required for the driving condition at the time. The air breathers on its flanks also optimise air flow through the wheel arches to enhance brake cooling and minimise turbulence.

On the sustainability front, THE 7 is available as a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) in the form of the BMW 745Le xDrive. Thanks to its ability to be driven entirely on battery power at times, it claims an impressive combined fuel consumption of just 2.3-litres per 100km.

THE 7 also leads the way with headlights such as BMW Laserlight technology with Selective Beam (optional for the 730Li). Cars equipped with this feature can be distinguished by the stylish blue elements inside the hexagonal light sources.

Audiophiles will particularly enjoy the Harman Kardon sound system that is included as standard on all variants of THE 7. For those who want an even more high-fidelity sound, they can indent their car with the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond 3D Surround Sound system for an audio experience unlike any other.

On the other hand, drivers of THE 7 can also look forward to the BMW Live Cockpit Professional with BMW Operating System 7.0 which is fitted as standard. It features the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant as one of its many highlights where some of the car’s features such as temperature control can be accessed by voice activation.

As much as THE 7 is a pleasure to drive, it is also a car that’s as enjoyable to be driven in. In addition to the ample legroom for rear occupants, a pair of 10-inch touchscreen displays can be optionally fitted to take THE 7 experience to the next level while they sit on electrically-adjustable rear seats covered in soft, quilted Nappa leather.

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Those who prefer a more performance-oriented take on luxury motoring will find it in the range of BMW 8 Series models. Available as a classic two-door four seat Coupe or Convertible, as well as a four-door Gran Coupe, all versions feature evocative styling that’s sporty, yet elegant.

Like THE 7, the THE 8 models feature Integral Active Steering. This innovative feature combines the steering angle of the front wheels and selectively co-steers the real wheels in tandem at low speeds. This gives THE 7 and THE 8 additional manoeuvrability when moving slowly in and out of parking spaces or passing through narrow gaps.

Performance is as much a part of THE 8 as style. To this end, some models are even fitted with xDrive all-wheel drive systems that inspires confidence in the driver to access the prodigious power outputs.

The twin-turbocharged V8 unit in the BMW M850i xDrive Coupe and M850i xDrive Gran Coupe makes 530 horsepower for effortless driving on any road condition. Those demanding even more performance will find it in the BMW M8 Competition Coupe and M8 Competition Gran Coupe. These are powered by an even more potent twin-turbocharged V8 unit that makes a breath-taking 625 horsepower.

Numbers alone do not complete the driving experience of the BMW M8 Competition models. They are equipped with M-specific suspension systems as well as an M xDrive all-wheel drive system and an Active M Differential that work in tandem to offer higher levels of driving dynamics.

An integrated braking system with configurable pedal feel is just one of the many features that is available to drivers to customise their BMW M8 Competition to their exact preferences. The cockpit of THE 8 models can only be described as a unique blend of “progressive luxury” as model-specific leather lines the sports seats along with the consoles and interior panels for cosy and emotional ambience that’s in keeping with the car’s character.


The theme of luxury motoring with BMW doesn’t have to stop with just four occupants or even where the road ends. The first-ever BMW X7 will comfortably accommodate six or seven and can take you, quite literally, off the beaten path.

This flagship BMW Sport Activity Vehicle takes the features, comfort and refinement of THE 7 and applies them to a cabin with three rows of seating.

Despite its length of 5,150mm, the THE X7 is surprisingly easy to handle in the city. Thanks to features such as Reversing Assistant, backing out of tricky spots is no problem as the system will do the steering for the driver.

All occupants of THE X7 will appreciate the comfort and stability that its two-axle air suspension system provides. Meanwhile the incredible five-zone air-conditioning system allows occupants in all three rows to each set their preferred temperatures.

The BMW X7 also comes with Driving Assistant Professional that add a greater degree of autonomous driving than ever. This package includes Traffic Jam Assistant, Lane Keeping Assistant, Steering Assistant, Lane Control Assistant as well as Automatic Speed Limit Assist.

The Steering and lane control assistant including the Lane Keeping Assistant with active side collision protection is exceptionally useful for manoeuvring THE X7 through narrow channels, such as in areas where there are roadworks. Another component of the system is the evasion aid, which can help avoid collisions with vehicles or pedestrians suddenly appearing in the driver’s path.

Also found in the Driving Assistant Professional’s suite of features is Crossing traffic warning, which reduces the risk of a collision either in front or the rear where visibility from on-coming traffic is restricted. Rear Collision warning, Priority warning, Wrong-way warning and Lane Change Warning are similarly included in the package. The latest version of Lane Departure Warning now includes active steering inputs to bring the vehicle back into the intended lane.

Inside, the impression of luxury is unmistakable. Merino leather seats for all three rows sets the sense of occasion in the THE X7, while features such as massage functions and seat ventilation lend an extra touch of comfort. The interior of the car has been designed down to the finest detail, such as cup holders that actively keep beverages cool or warm – these help to complete the picture of the ultimate luxury experience possible in a car.

Additionally, many of the controls, such as tilting the second row seats for access to the third row and operating the split tailgate, are motorised for utmost convenience.

The last row of seats will also fold away at a touch of a button to liberate more cargo space for bulkier items, pets or active lifestyle pursuits.

Which BMW flagship is for you?

Whether your idea of luxury motoring is something that’s personal or intimate, or an experience that should involve the whole family, these BMW flagships will offer an experience like no other.